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Training and support

You do not need to be a trained salesperson but it is important that you have well-developed communication skills and that you are confident and want to succeed. You will gain all the knowledge before you start. The ultimate goal is for you to become independent and perfectly qualified to succeed in the shortest possible time.

The Pirnar Academy

After a few weeks of training you will have gained all the necessary knowledge in marketing, sales and management. Training at the Pirnar Academy ends with a certificate being awarded.

Education and support at the point of sale

At Pirnar you will never be left alone when in need of assistance. A regular part of the education also includes support and education in your showroom, during your work with customers.

Other types of support in the Pirnar franchise

  • All the knowledge required for setting up a fast growing and successful sales franchise and selling products within all price ranges of the Pirnar brand
  • Training for all employees, management and sales
  • Help at finding and evaluating the location and negotiating the rental conditions
  • Creating an architectural solution for equipping the sales unit and providing employees with standard equipment and uniforms
  • Preparation of the pre-opening activity plan and assistance in organising the opening
  • Marketing and sales materials
  • Regular seminars, workshops and annual meetings for employees, organised by the PIRNAR Academy
  • Implementation of online advertising

Showrooms and marketing


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