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Three reasons why the Pirnar franchise is right for you

1. The rapid growth of the company

Pirnar is a fast growing family business. The company's origins date back to 1968 when a family crafting workshop was established. Today, PIRNAR is Europe's leading innovator in the field of aluminium entrances. It is a fast growing family-owned business with about 200 employees and a highly developed sales network across several continents. It has more than 100 partners in Germany. It combines cutting-edge technical development, award winning industrial design, ingenious materials processing, systematically organised production and successful marketing with sales and reliable transportation. Customers recognise our products by their superb precision and perfected details, which cannot be made by machine. All products are handmade.


2. Pirnar products are easy to sell

Pirnar entrances enthral customers.

Pirnar makes an impression. Innovative design, perfected workmanship, sophistication of details and surfaces and integrated lighting ... Pirnar fascinates. Customers would much rather buy what they admire than what they do not.

Each item sold brings an average of 4 new potential customers.

And it does this without advertising or any other kind of promotion. The fact that you have sold one entrance alone brings you, on average, 4 new customers who were delighted after having seen the item sold.

The marketing support is excellent.

A detailed sales process, impressive printed materials, unique showroom furniture and labelling and excellent support from order to delivery ... Uncompromising.

If you would like to know more about Pirnar product range, visit:

3. The Pirnar model is more competitive than similar models

We perform all key activities in-house.

The vast majority of our competitors assemble pieces they receive from subcontractors. We do everything by ourselves so we can be much more competitive than other companies on the market. At Pirnar, the customer always receives more than they do elsewhere.

No compromises. Anywhere.

We pay great attention to detail because no detail is insignificant on the way to an integral whole a complete whole. If necessary, we choose the more difficult path, as long as the end result is flawless.

We do what our competitors cannot do.

A machine has its limits but the craftsman’s hand does not. At Pirnar, the finest and most sensitive parts are completed manually. Nothing leaves the company until it has been made into a masterpiece.

We are full of surprises every day, every year.

Pirnar has an unquenchable desire for improvement. We always move the boundaries of what is possible. Innovation is not merely a phrase for us; it is what we do every day.

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