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Pirnar franchise: A business opportunity for the ambitious

The Pirnar franchise is designed for those who want to succeed in selling one of the best products in the world market. It is intended for those who have always thought about starting their own business, or who already have a well-established company and experience in managing and organising a business.

About Pirnar

The Pirnar brand is one of the most admired brands of entrance doors in the world, with high growth in sales. It creates the greatest customer admiration, it develops the most innovations annually, it offers the most uncompromisingly designed and masterfully crafted entrances and the best thermally insulated aluminium doors in the world. Pirnar entrances regularly receive prizes for a multitude of technical and formal innovations, including three prestigious German Design Awards and an A+Award.

GDA 2015 Special mention GDA 2017 Special mention GDA 2017 Winner

Is the franchise Pirnar right for me?

Pirnar is an ideal franchise opportunity for ambitious people. If you have been thinking about offering something new, revolutionary and different on your market, an attractive product that sells excellently and easily and where you can gain high earnings and reputation with customers at the same time, Pirnar is the right partner for you. Experience in selling luxury or expensive products is not required, but it is desirable. It is also desirable to have good leadership and management skills and to be good at training other people.

About the candidates

Why Pirnar?

Pirnar products are easy to sell even if you do not have any experience in selling front doors. Pirnar entrances enthral customers and each item sold brings an average of 4 new potential buyers. The marketing support is excellent.

Why Pirnar?

What kind of support can I expect?

You will gain all the knowledge about the product and the sales system at the Pirnar Academy and with individual training at your new showroom before you start. Nothing is left to chance.

Training and support

Where will I be selling?

Regardless of the size and shape of the space, Pirnar's sales premises have an ideal layout that enables effective sales, the best presentation of the products and which makes every customer feel at ease. A smart choice of doors allows all ranges to be displayed, from the most affordable entrances to the most prestigious ones.


What next?

The Pirnar franchise is one of the shortest paths to success. The link below takes you to a questionnaire form. Based on the questionnaire we will conduct a cognitive telephone conversation followed by a meeting. We will then start the process of our cooperation. Do you wish to succeed?



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