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Legal notices

Conditions of use

By visiting and looking at any part of the Pirnar company website you agree with all the restrictions and conditions of use stated here. If you do not agree with all of them, we ask you not to use this website. We advise you to review the valid Conditions of use / provisions for the protection of privacy from time to time as they are legally binding.

The Pirnar company manages, controls and updates this website in Ljubljana. This website is intended to be used internationally. The Pirnar company shall not guarantee the accuracy of data published on its website across all countries. Furthermore, they shall not guarantee for all the products and services to be available in all countries or in all forms, packages and under the same conditions. When users access this website and use it, they have to consider the legal system in their country.

All information and data presented on the Pirnar company website are only given for information and not intended to establish binding legal relationships or to enter such legal relationships, unless stated explicitly.

Information on the Company website about the company, its products and services shall not be deemed to present its range in the real sense. Information stated on the Company website about its products only gives general information about the entire range of products manufactured by the company. We therefore emphasise that the data does not represent our range unless stated explicitly.

When a product is featured on the Pirnar company website, this does not mean that the company actually markets the product or offers it in a territory that is of interest to the website visitor, or in a territory where the visitor opened the website. The visitor should check with the company or its companies or representatives abroad whether the Pirnar company actually markets the product that is of interest to the website visitor, and whether is it available for sale.

Limitation of liability

Although the Pirnar company has been managing and will continue to manage its website with due diligence in order to ensure accurate information and up-to-date data, it shall assume no responsibility for their accuracy and integrity. It shall reserve the right to modify the contents of this website at any time and in any way, regardless of its reasons for doing so and without any prior notice.

Using the content published shall be considered the users’ own responsibility. Neither the Pirnar company nor any legal or natural person who has collaborated in the development and implementation of this website shall therefore be held responsible for any damages that might arise from access to information included on this website, or from the use of and/or inability to use such information, and/or from any error or deficiency in their content.

It is possible that any user of the Pirnar company website might respond with diverse information. With regard to such, and Pirnar shall resume no responsibility. Users are warned that such information shall be considered non-confidential and unprotected. We shall reserve the right to use it freely, disseminate it and disclose it to others without restrictions, and without having to be bound to state our source. We shall reserve the right to use also (but not only) any ideas, concepts, knowledge, experience or techniques that might be subject to this information or might be contained in this information. We can use them for any purpose whatsoever at our discretion.

Links to third party websites

This website also includes information on third parties and links to their websites. This is marked accordingly wherever we deem it appropriate. However, the contents of third party websites are not known to Pirnar, and we therefore assume no responsibility for their information.

Intellectual property rights

All information and images featured on the Pirnar company website are subject to copyright or another type of protection of intellectual property within the legally permitted scope. Documents from this website may only be reproduced for non-commercial purposes or for personal use, while preserving all the stated notices on copyright and other rights. Any photocopying, copying, reproduction, modification or any other distribution of information from this website for commercial purposes shall be forbidden without the express written approval by the Pirnar company. Any trade or service marks appearing on this website are registered trademarks of Pirnar, i.e. Pirnar is entitled to use them.

Protection of privacy

In accordance with the applicable legislation on protection of personal data in the Republic of Slovenia, Pirnar pays particular attention to protecting privacy with regard to the information acquired from users of this website, and the personal data submitted by the users. Further on you will be acquainted with the system of gathering, keeping, using and disseminating personal data.

You can visit our website without submitting your personal data. The latter is only required if you wish to receive certain information by e-mail or establish contact with us.

We only collect personal data when you submit it to us by means of application, filled-in forms or e-mail messages as part of an order, demand or enquiry about the materials ordered, and in similar situations when you decide to submit your data.

Apart from personal data submitted by you, we also gather information via cookies; these may comprise the website that served as a link to our website, websites that you visit from our website, your IP address and the length of your visit to our website. This information could possibly be used to establish your identity, but we never do so.

The data submitted by you or gathered via cookies are processed for the following purposes: for statistical purposes, but only in a way that prevents us from establishing your identity; for defining server issues and for managing the website; for supplying the products and services you ordered through our website; for other purposes as requested or agreed by you, unless otherwise provided by law.

When we supply your personal data to external partners with regard to the supply of products or services that you ordered or for any other purposes approved by you and implemented in collaboration with contractual partners, we assure you that our contractual partners comply with existing regulations on the protection of personal data.

Your personal data will be kept at Pirnar, i.e. on servers that are administered within the company. Neither us nor our partners will submit them in any form to be used by third persons, unless you agree to this or unless demanded by judicial authorities.

The data will be computer-stored or processed in the Republic of Slovenia and will not be transferred for processing to third party countries.


At Pirnar we use technical and organisational safety measures that protect your data from any manipulation, loss, destruction or unauthorised access. In order to ensure safety and confidentiality of personal data collected online we also use the standard firewall and password protection. In processing your personal data we implement measures designed to protect your data from loss, improper use, unauthorised access, disclosure, modification or destruction. We are not able to secure the data from any loss, improper use, unauthorised access, disclosure, modification or destruction in all cases. However, we seek to prevent such unfortunate occurrences.

Contact us

In the event of problems, questions or access to, correction, blocking or deletion of your personal data, contact us at

Due to the ongoing development of the Internet, our legal notice has to be modified from time to time. We reserve the right to perform any such change.

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